I want to learn to code. Where should I start?

I remember when I first wanted to start coding.

I was 28 and so excited by the possibility of building the future. Then I watched a few YouTube videos on where to start.

All I heard was a bunch of technical jargon. I’m sure the developer felt they were being smart and helpful, but it made me feel dejected, like I had no chance of ever getting into such an alien world.

And so I forgot about coding, went back to my boring ass job for a couple more years until my internal compass was once again screaming at me that development was what I really wanted to do with my life. It took a catastrophic event — being medically discharged from the army — to force me into making that leap but it’s changed my life.

I LOVE coding.

For me, it’s the thing that when I start typing I go into flow and all time is meaningless.

I am Nero slowing the bullets.

It’s just me, a MacBook and the my creation. Clock watching no more. I don’t want anyone else to talk themselves out of pursuing a career in software development like I did.

So here at the first 3 things you should learn when starting to code: HTML, CSS & JavaScript Think if it like a house

  • HTML is the code that builds the structure of a website — the bricks, roof and foundations.

Don’t be intimidated by the jargon and all the buzzwords.

Keep it simple and start with the foundation a of a career in web development:

HTML — 🏠
CSS — 🖼
JavaScript — 🎛

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